Where to go if your car wont? We'll fix your car and your price. What happens if I dont get a regular service? What does the ACCC say about your warranty and new car servicing?

Regular car servicing is important for your vehicle. Avoiding or delaying a car service can soon lead to much larger, more costly problems. Featured here are some examples of missing regular car services.


Water Pump Failure

Figure 1 shows the evidence of rust witness marks to the engine block where the water pump was leaking from the water pump blow hole due to a faulty seal.

Figure 2 photo shows sever cylinder head damage due to the engine over heating caused by the customer continuing to drive with no engine coolant.

Figure 3 shows sever damage to tengine block, rusting of cylinder barrels and molten cylinder head aluminium deposits' to pistons.

Figure 4 shows cylinder head burn between cylinders.
Figure 5 shows cylinder head burn between cylinders.


Notes: This customer had driven their car beyond the warning lights of engine coolant loss. The vehicle warning lights for over heating would have been the temperature gauge indicating it was well over hot, loss of power, rattling and pinging sounds from the engine.

The cost to rectify this was a new engine and loss of vehicle for 7 days.

Oil filter leak

Figure 1 shows evidence of oil leaking past the seal and washing down the engine block.

Figure 2 shows further evidence of oil filter seal leakage.


Notes: The oil filter was found to be leaking due to the previous vehicle owner fitting a new filter with the old seal still remaining stuck to the engine. Customer changed it themselves on the weekend and had to have the vehicle towed to UltraTune.

V8 engine oil leak

Figure 1 shows removal of engine from car.

Figure 2 shows shows the rear of the engine and evidence of oil washing down the rear of the engine plate from the cam sensor area deep in the engine valley.

Figure 3 shows the oil pooling around the sensor.


Notes: The engine cam shaft positioning sensor seal was found to be leaking and washing down the rear of the engine. First estimates where thought to be another sump gasket leak which had been done by a previous repairer and failure to diagnose the correct source of the leak. UltraTune diagnosed the true source and rectified the problem.

Water pump noise

View water pump noise video.

Notes: After 5 minutes of the engine running an audible squeaking sound can be heard. On further investigation after removal of the air-conditioning belt, the water pump seal and bearing was found to be faulty which resulted in a new water pump being fitted to rectify the squeaking problem.

Engine oil sludge

Figure 1 shows a removed failed engine.
Figure 2 clearly shows build up of oil sludge.


Notes: This engine had seized due to oil sluge build up not allowing the correct lubrication of critical engine components. The vehicle owner had missed several services over a period of 2 years causing oil to deteriorate to a point where it turned into sludge, blocking all internal oil galleries thus preventing oil to lubricate moving parts.

The cost to rectify was an engine replacement and loss of vehicle for 2 weeks while an interstate assembly was sourced.

Variable camshaft unit seized

View variable camshaft unit seized video showing an engine running very rough.

Notes: This engine was found to have a seized variable camshaft actuator. This unit changes the position of the camshaft through varying engine loads for efficient performance.

Upon removal of this unit it was discovered that the engine was badly in need of oil servicing. Neglected service intervals causing oil deterioration and sludge build up blocking the galleries to allow unit to return to home position.

The cost to repair the vehicle was a replacement of unserviceable Vanos unit and loss of vehicle for 3 days.

Piston skirt slap

View video which shows a V6 engine with oil pressure and severe rattle.

Figure 1 shows harsh scuffing of the engine piston skirt thrust side.
Figure 2 clearly shows minor scuffing of the engine piston skirt non thrust side.


Notes: This engine had been over heated and caused the piston to expand within the engine bore and start to score and damage the cylinder piston changing the tolerances causing an audible rattle.

The cost to rectify the issue was to replace the entire engine assembly with a reconditioned unit and loss of use of vehicle for 10 days while engine was sourced interstate.